Sunday, October 30, 2011


Had some company for dinner, and found out last night that one of the people coming was allergic to dairy. The relief on this person's face when I said my son was allergic too and not to worry about it was priceless!!! I made breakfast for dinner tonight for everyone, and everything turned out perfectly! No one could tell what was dairy and what was dairy-free... the only thing in the entire meal that had any dairy in it was buttermilk pancakes (and I had some buttermilk-less buttermilk pancakes as well). Tonight's menu was:

*French Toast
*Buttermilk-less Buttermilk Pancakes
*Traditional Buttermilk Pancakes
*Scrambled Eggs
*Hash Browns
*Fried Apples
*Assorted jams and jellies (made by my amazing mother-in-law!)
*Orange Juice & Raspberry Lemonade
*4 different 'milks': Dairy milk, rice milk, plain almond milk, and chocolate almond milk (my son's favorite!). I wasn't sure which non-dairy option my guest would prefer, so I put several out.

Dinner was fabulous, and no one could tell anything was different!

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