Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's April!

I have had such a hard time making good beef gravy since I stopped using packet mixes. I usually don't have time to make roast beef, and even when I did, it wasn't that fabulous...until this time!

I took a 3.5 lb beef roast, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, rubbed some mustard powder on it, then brushed it with a little Worcestershire (check to make sure it's df/sf), then rubbed it down with a healthy amount of browning sauce. It was magic! When the roast was done (after letting it rest), I made a roux with some grease from the pan drippings (fortified with a little canola roast didn't have a whole lot of fat), letting the roux brown until it smelled nutty. Stirred in the drippings and some beef broth (made with Better than Bouillon beef soup base (check to make sure it's the df/sf variety). It was heavenly!

Oh, and our Easter dinner was roast beef and gravy (obviously), mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, honeyed ginger carrots, deviled eggs, and rolls (and orange rolls...but those weren't df/sf). It was a wonderful Easter dinner!

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