Saturday, September 3, 2011

Breakfast Musings

So much of breakfast seems to revolve around the dreaded "D"...dairy. It took me a little while to be comfortable experimenting, but I'm glad I did. Here are a few of our favorite breakfast foods and what I've done to modify them to be MSPI friendly:

Pancakes: Buttermilk-less Buttermilk Pancakes

French Toast: I substituted non-dairy coffee creamer for the milk I'd normally add to the eggs

Scrambled eggs: Whisk them with water or with non-dairy creamer for a richer taste

Cinnamon rolls: I substituted rice milk for the regular milk in my favorite recipe, then instead of brushing/spooning butter on the dough, I used coconut oil. They are fabulous!

Muffins: Substitute rice milk for the regular milk, adding a little lemon juice if the recipe calls for buttermilk. My son loves chocolate muffins, so I'll often buy a MSPI friendly chocolate cake mix and instead of following package directions, I'll add 1 small can of pumpkin and 1 egg, beating until smooth, possibly adding some dairy-free/soy-free chocolate chips. Bake in muffin liners. The pumpkin is nearly undetectable and adds vitamins and fiber. Eat within a day or two or freeze (they are very moist and go bad quickly).

Baking powder biscuits: Again, substitute rice milk for the regular milk

For cereal (hot or cold) my son prefers using almond milk (especially dark chocolate almond milk!)

Chocolate coconut milk (or almond milk, if you prefer...but we like using the coconut milk because it's naturally a little sweeter) heated up makes a good hot chocolate. Toss in a few marshmallows and it's perfect!

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