Sunday, April 13, 2014

There is Life After Spaghetti-O's

Close to two years ago, I ran across a recipe on a blog I stalk  read MSPI Mama. She had figured out how to recreate Spaghetti-Os! My son was immediately in I follow her recipe, making sure to add the nutritional yeast and I also add 1 Tbsp sugar to the pot. It gives it that slight sweetness that spaghetti-o's have. For those who don't know, nutritional yeast is a powerhouse of a's super rich in B vitamins, and it just so happens to have a slightly cheesy, nutty flavor. It's awesome to add to dishes that need a little cheesy flavor boost. Your local natural foods store should carry it.

With no further ado... here is the Spaghetti-O's recipe on MSPI Mama's blog....

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